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  • Teledyne TapTone’s T550 Inspection System Hits New Sales Milestone!

    Date: 24 June 2020


    An industry leading supplier of inspection and rejection systems for the food, beverage, and household chemical markets, Teledyne TapTone is pleased to announce that they have built and shipped the 500th T550 inspection system.

    ​TapTone introduced the T550 in 2014 as the next generation platform for low cost leak, fill level, pressure and vacuum inspection. Since its introduction, T550 sales have steadily increased with the 500th unit rolling off the production line in the spring of 2020!  The T550 product line continues to be a value leader in its class for proximity, acoustic, X-Ray, leak and pressure inspection. In addition to its user-friendly, icon-driven menu, the T550 offers a value-packed feature set for fast product setup and changeovers. 

    The T550 platform also offers an economical means to upgrade from older, obsolete systems by replacing the controller only and utilizing existing compatible TapTone sensors already on-line. Overall, the TapTone T550 is a cost effective and scalable solution for inspection of your plastic, metal and glass containers. 

    For additional information and a product brochure, please visit the company website at


    About Teledyne TapTone

    Teledyne TapTone is a leading manufacturer of on-line inspection systems for leak and fill level on metal, glass, and flexible containers. Systems employ various technologies to perform quality assurance testing on high-speed food, beverage, dairy, chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical production lines. For more information, visit Teledyne TapTone's website at