​• Yogurt
• Soups, Sauces
• Baby Food
• Dressings
• Juices, Dairy
• Coffee​


Seal Integrity Tester General Specification
​Operating Speed (max)
​200 milliseconds, 60 bridge cycles/minute, up
to 1920 cups/minute
​Number of Sensors
1 to 32 sensors​
Minimum Cup Sizes​
​43.8mm (1.75 in)
Minimum Sensor Pitch​
​50.8mm (2.0 in)
User Interface​
​15 inch color touch screen PC, IP69K  washdown, 316 stainless steel box
​PC Mount
40 mm tubing, IP69K hygenic, wall mount​
​Washdown Rating
IP69K protection​, designed to 3-A Sanitary Standards
Power Requirements​
​110-120VAC/208-240VAC 3Amps/1.5 Amps, Single Phase, 350 Watts
​Operating Conditions
​0° to 50° C (32° - 122°) Relative Humidity 0-95%
​Raw Materials

​316 Stainless Steel #4 finish and USDA 3-A Dairy Compliant Natural Delrin
​Pneumatic Components
​All made of 316 Stainless Steel, IP69K


​In-Line Leak Inspection for Cup Filling Lines
The patented TapTone Seal Integrity Tester (SIT) system consists of multiple sensors mounted inside the cup filling system that inspect each cup by compressing the sensor head to the foil lid of the cup at full production machine speeds (200ms and higher). The sensors monitor the lid deflection during the compression cycle and the digital signal processor board calculates the inspection merit values to accept or to reject containers with defective seals that fall outside user set merit value limits​.

SIT Sensor Bridge
The SIT system can be configured from 1 to 32 sensor heads depending on
your production needs. Each sensor meets all 3-A Sanitary Standards and is
washdown rated to IP69K. The accompanying bridge components are hygienic
and rated to IP69K for full wash down.

​Seal Integrity Tester (SIT)

  • ​​Sensor bridge mounts after sealing heads in your cup filler
  • Sensor moves down during each inspection cycle
  • Each sensor performs 100% seal integrity inspection on cup
  • Reject signal is sent to filler that identifies defective cups for rejection​

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