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  • Inspection Flexibility with TapTone PRO Series System to Launch at PackExpo International

    Date: 04 November 2014

    North Falmouth, Mass – October 30, 2014 - Teledyne TapTone, a market leading provider of inspection equipment for the food and beverage industry, announced today that its latest inspection systems, the PRO Series, will launch next week at PackExpo International in Chicago.

    The PRO Series is a direct response to our customers' demand for inspection flexibility.  The TapTone PRO Series was developed to address the markets' need to move, change, and add inspection capabilities as required. The sensors are designed to cantilever over the customer's existing conveyor. Multiple sensors can be added to a single user interface, offering a cost effective inspection solution.  The PRO Series User Interface can display up to four sensor outputs simultaneously, allowing for at-a-glance monitoring of multiple inspections that can be on one or multiple conveyors. In addition, plant controls allow plant level monitoring from a remote location using an Ethernet connection. 

     "We are extremely excited about offering our customers true plug and play functionality with the new PRO Series system," said Robert Chevalier, TapTone Engineering Manager. "Customers will be able to easily expand or reconfigure systems as production requirements change."

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